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We help you fix basement cracks and bowing walls

Enlist a specialist like us for brick foundation and masonry repair in Pittsburgh as soon as you notice damage. We quickly stabilize foundation issues and protect your property. It pays to prevent foundation problems. One of the main reasons to have your basement walls and floors fixed is to minimize costly foundation damages.

The more extensive the damage is, the more expensive it becomes to get it repaired. Expansive clay soils and severe weather conditions in our part of the country can lead to foundation movement. Get an inspection done by licensed and insured experts so that you can understand how far the natural harsh weather conditions have damaged your residential or commercial structure.

Pittsburgh Brick Repair wants to help you do the essential repairs so that you will have peace of mind moving forward. Our products and services are cost-effective and will certainly help you avoid much larger expenses down the road.

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Get A Free Inspection Done By Our Expert

Foundation setting can cause severe structural damage to a basement. Cracks can become increasingly problematic over time. Foundation sloping or sinking can occur. All this is due to the expansive nature of the soil.

In such instances, it’s often necessary to have the foundation repaired. It prevents foundation heaving and settling. The cost of repairing depends on the severity of the damage. But it is certainly less than rebuilding a totally new structure.

Before you start figuring it out, call on our company to inspect the property and list the issues that are required to be fixed. We assure you we can do the foundation repair at the most competitive price.

Count on our professional Masons For Excellent Work

Our teams of masonry experts are well versed in a number of brick foundation repair methods, including injections, stabilizing piers, tuckpointing, brick replacement and more. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of work at a great value.

Our transferable warranties are designed to provide our current and future clients with peace of mind knowing that we are here for you before, during, and after the work is done. Our professional team has completed thousands of foundation repair projects.

Over time many structures face this issue that causes them to shift the structure due to soil and needs correction. If you have already experienced foundation damage, we can get the repair done for you.

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